segunda-feira, maio 05, 2014

Black Sabbath - Keep It Warm

Aí gurizada, me despeço com a melhor voz que a música já recebeu numa bela e romântica canção... 

Sweet woman are you feeling right?
What was it that you did last night?
You made me crazy you made me fly
I can't forget the hungry look in your eye
Ooh what's the matter with me?
I'm justa runner I was born free
But since I met you I can't leave you alone
I'm leaving now but I'll be coming home

Keep it warm at the place by your side
Nobody's gonna take away our magical ride
Keep it warm for me when we talk on the phone
Don't forget will you pretty one that your man is coming homne

D'you hear the rumor that is going around?
Say I'm ruined 'cos I'm settled down
It's not true well maybe half and half
You know I love you but I still like a laugh
Ooh I'm feeling fine I got it right for the first time
Sweet woman I can't stay for long, but every one will be proved wrong
I'm like a gypsy, I need to roam, but don't worry I'll be coming home
I need the danger I need the thrill
I need to know what is over each hill
Ooh I'm a different man I'm still running but you understand
Since I met you I can't leave you alone
I'm leaving now but I'll be coming home

2 comentários:

  1. Se despede por quê? Do quê? De quem?

    1. O cara está em conflito, ele se despede, temporariamente, como diz, mas irá voltar, pedindo que ela se "mantenha aquecida", que não deixe a relação entre eles "esfriar". Uma questão de DNA...