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respectivamente, acabamos de lançar um libelo da GEOGRAFIA ANTI-MARXISTA, o 1º do país!


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terça-feira, novembro 17, 2015

Paris Attacks: The Acuity of Hindsight | Stratfor | FINANCIAL SENSE

"For French authorities, sorting through the universe of potential attackers to identify those who pose the greatest risk is a daunting challenge — as it is for any other government. The process is like a shark attempting to select a few fish from among a vast shoal of baitfish swimming in unison. A shark has an incredible sensory array that is extremely effective at identifying prey to be devoured by its rows of formidable teeth. But the shoal provides security by making it next to impossible for the shark to identify the specific individual fish its needs to target."[Paris Attacks: The Acuity of Hindsight | Stratfor | FINANCIAL SENSE]

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