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Os investimentos chineses na agricultura da América do Sul

Os chineses estão comendo pelas beiradas, mas aumentando regularmente o tamanho da mordida. Veja aqui como têm pensado sobre como investir na América do Sul:
Chinese who invest in agriculture see Latin America as a far-away region with a language and culture they don’t understand, he said. “So it’s best to get a minority stake in a local partner, learn from them and later acquire a bigger stake.”
Kory Melby, a U.S. farmer who works in Brazil as an agricultural investment consultant, said he has received calls and emails from Chinese grain buyers wanting to partner with Brazilian grain warehouses.
“The Chinese are forming partnerships with megaproducers so everybody feels nice and calm,” he said. “Instead of trying to buy land directly, they are saying, ‘Here’s $10 million at below-market interest rate. You go buy more land. You go buy equipment. You go do what you do well. But we have the option of setting a price and getting paid back in soybeans if we need them.’ “
Mr. Melby said Brazilian farmers want to sell to China but are cold to the idea of foreigners making speculative fortunes off their crops.
“The only way this will work is if the Chinese have boots on the ground,” he said. “They need base camps with dynamic Chinese individuals in country, learning Portuguese and constantly working the angles.
“It’s about having a presence. It’s about going to church together, playing soccer and drinking beer together. That’s how trust is built here.”
China plants bitter seeds in South American farmland - Washington Times
Fazendo sociedades menores e aprendendo para depois investir sozinho e em maior grau.

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